How is KLCH Governed?

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” W. Bennis

Under the leadership of a 30-member Board of Trustees, KLCH continues its original purpose of providing quality health education for the people of Kansas.  The executive board and committees meet monthly to discuss KLCH matters and to make important decisions. Through carefully monitoring and utilizing of the funds entrusted to them, the board has been able to maintain a balanced budget including sole ownership of one city block of land and a debt free 7,000 square foot building. The bold vision created by the KLCH founders, 56 years ago, continues to flourish and to grow.

Executive Committee:

    • Col. Jack Bender III, President
    • Lois Loflin, Past President
    • Ruby Buller, Vice President
    • Frank Chesky, M.D., Secretary
    • Steve Howard, C.P.A., Treasurer
    • James Gillmore, General Counsel
    • Kent Haury, Board Member
    • Rita Flickinger, Board Member
    • Ruthe Spexarth, Board Member

For more information on the KLCH Board of Trustees, click here: Board of Trustees – DONE

Class Activities

Date : 25 Dec 2014